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The Survey

When a client contacts Draughtwise our surveyors arrange a convenient appointment time in the location of our client's choice. Our surveyor presents a 3/4 scale demonstration model and carefully explains the reasoning behind our methods, thus leaving the client in no doubt as to the product and service.

A detailed survey is then carried out whereby our surveyor considers each window as an individual entity and details any remedial works, which may be necessary before a sash and case window, is ready to receive our concealed draught proofing. At the end of this survey a detailed quotation is presented to our client indicating the quantity, if any, of sill replacements, replacement sashes, pulley-style repairs or, in rare instances, complete casement replacements. The quotation is then issued.

Our Treatment

All our craftsmen are time-served joiners who have been with us since 1989 and have been specially trained in all aspects of sash and case window up- grading, repair and renovation together with the installation of our unique concealed draught- proofing system. First our tradesmen carefully cover the customers carpets and furniture with dustsheets and plastic coverings. The sashes are then removed with the utmost care and surplus paint is removed in preparation for machining and re-fitting. New cords are installed and the sashes are precision balanced to achieve smooth and easy operation after re-fitting. The bottom rail of the bottom sash is rebated to accommodate our carrier and gasket which draught-proofs the bottom section; the top- rail of the bottom sash is likewise treated to effect draught-proofing of the mid-rail section. The top sash is then re-fitted. New parting-beads with polypropylene brushes rebated into them are fitted to draught-proof the top section and side section of the top sash. The bottom sash is then re-fitted and the window is now ready to receive the final finishing. These consist of new baton-rods with brushes rebated into them as per the parting-beads. Our brushes feature a polypropylene double central fin which is ultrasonically welded to give unequalled structural integrity with low friction which allows up to 50% easier sash movement whilst offering maximum resistance to air and water penetration. Backing width and pile height are accurately controlled for consistent in-service performance and elimination of irritating rattling sashes on windy days. Should the window's original baton-rods (staff- beads) have beautiful mouldings, then these can be re-used after installation with our brushes or should they be beyond repair then these profiles can be duplicated with fresh timbers.

The Finishing Touches

The unique concealed draught proofing is now in situ and all that remains to be done is the fitting of the ironmongery and the application of the highest quality acrylic sealant in preparation for final glossing. Should the original ironmongery, i.e. sash-lifts, sash eyelets and sash fasteners be in good condition and the client wishes to retain these, then they would be re-fitted as appropriate. Replacement ironmongery comes in a choice of polished brass, standard electro-brass plated or chrome-plated finishing. The foreman joiner then escorts the customer around each individual window, explaining how the system operates, especially if the easy-clean system has been applied and demonstrates the system in action. Finally, the works areas are meticulously cleared and our workmen vacuum the surrounding areas.

Should a technical difficulty arise subsequent to installation then our back-up team provide a prompt and efficient service, representative of the highest quality after-sales care in accordance with our company's policy.

References from satisfied customers are available on request and we would be only too pleased to forward these to you promptly.